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Joses are Fall Champs!

Grand Final Result - Joses 6. 5. 41 def Wallabies 1. 6. 12


Joses - Amanda 2, Hope 1, Skaggs 1, Phil 1, Kevin 1 Wallabies - Andy 1

          Tuesday night specials

$5 Happy Hour appetizers all night
$2 off 34oz Fatty Mug drafts
$4 Long Island Ice Teas

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Ausball is a co-ed, recreational version of Australian Football.

Australian football makes inroads in Baltimore one bounce, kick and bump at a time

The Baltimore Bohgans are used to a small stage. Their sport — Australian football — is still just catching on in the United States. And now, with the Latrobe Park soccer field being renovated, they're just trying to keep a foothold on some turf for Tuesday practices. But spirits were high at the first June session as two lines of players relayed balls in the grass of the Latrobe softball outfield.

"One of the things that people like about footy is that it's pretty fun and welcoming," said Karen Stablein, who plays for the women's team. "Everybody here is an adult convert, so even if people have been playing for a while, everybody knows what it's like to be new." Read more......

Ausball girls make US National Team

Alex Mims and Karen Stablein have recently been selected to represent the US Freedom at the International Cup of Australian Football in Melbourne, Australia from Aug 9 - 23. Both girls came to the game via the pathway of Ausball and Alex's story below shows how a casual try of a new social sport can quickly progress to something much bigger.

An excited Alex had this to say about her selection and quick progress to the US team, "Pike gets the credit for getting me into Ausball and Footy! He recruited me to the Ausball team when I moved to Baltimore in fall 2011 because he wanted an excuse to get me to hang out with him more, so he says.  I played soccer in high school but had not really played sports since then, but I was happy with learning Ausball since, while it was new to me, it was also new to most others who played!" Read More....

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